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IMPORTANT: Please watch the videos below before our call

Please watch the entire video so you know exactly what to expect as well as the next steps to ensure you make it into my Lifestyle Coaching Program!

Got some doubts going into this? Perhaps the statements below sound familiar? Let me help! Please watch the videos below entirely to get 100% ready for our meeting!

"I've tried many workout programs and diets, will this work for me?"

You're committed to transforming your body and your life but...

"This isn't the right time for me"

This all sounds great but...

"I need some time to think it over"


Here are some transformations from people that joined the Lifestyle Program before you

How the Lifestyle Program is transforming the lives of business men & busy professionals just like you  

“Last year I had to start taking antidepressants because I had suicide feelings and I had no idea what to do with my life. Since January, after 1 month of working with you, I stopped using the pills because I don’t need them anymore. I haven’t had any suicidal feelings in my head since I started”. 


Kyle tried fad diets & workout programs that never worked for him. With the lifestyle program, he dropped 17lbs & gained a significant amount of muscle mass. "It changed my life. Increased confidence, mental health improvements, I had no idea it would change my psyche in the way it did"

38-Year old realtor Chris worked out since he was in High School, and in only 4 weeks... "I have seen my mid section lean out in a way that I've never seen in my entire life"

"It was amazing. Your program send me in the perfect direction. It got me to where I wanted to be, very easy to follow and I got my goal done"

"I just can't say it enough. It's life changing. If you're looking to make a personal impact in your own life, having you as a coach has definitely done that. I am one hundred and thousand fifty million percent appreciative of that change that has happened!"

"My body has transformed, my mind is different, I'm feeling so much better, happier and healthier. It's amazing how different your outlook on life is when you have someone to guide you. Marco has been utterly amazing, I highly recommend him to anybody. He's just brilliant"

Gil worked out for over 10 years and was never able to get his diet right. Now, he continues to see results even after the Lifestyle Program

No time to workout?  Matt got in the best shape of his life at 35-year old while working 10 hour days as a doctor

Michael, Type 2 Diabetic - "The. doctors didn't know what to do with me, so they kept prescribing me with insulin". Within weeks in the Lifestyle Program, Michael's doctors reduced his insulin by 50%

Travis after dropping 14 lbs rapidly: "I've been working out less than I did in the past. Ironically, I don't feel like it's a diet, where I'm depriving myself, and I've gotten a lot of results"

Arthur, financial analyst, dropped 14 lbs in 5 weeks and increased his energy levels like never before

How Jon lost body fat and gained muscle while cooking only twice a week

How 44 year old David changed his life while losing 16lbs in 12 weeks

Chris was skeptical about the possibilities to get in the best shape of his life. Within 12 weeks, he achieved that goal by his 35th birthday

"For everyone else that gets to see this video I just want to say that you are amazing. Your guidance during the whole process is just really good."

"I wanted to have less belly fat and more muscles. You gave me a training schedule I could complete at home during the pandemic. Physically, I look better than I have in 50 years. You can be proud of what you mean to us. You managed to improve my life in a sustainable way. Thanks again for that". 

Felipe got an 8 pack in 12 weeks -"This is a level of engagement/ownership of my own progress that I wouldn't necessarily get from buying an off the shelf, one size fits all program or even working with an in-person trainer"

Greg - Animator for Disney - "I got shredded! The best results. I got the results I wanted but also the understanding of how the science behind everything works."

Marc - Graphic Designer - "Working with you has been really great and encouraging. Not only have you addressed my main problem with my diet, I also gained knowledge on exercises and exercising properly. Even having you in my corner has been really helpful. Visually I see great results, I've lost 15 lbs. It's always been tough for me to lose weight, and I've done that with you".

Jesse wasn't happy with how he looked. Within 3 months, he lost 22 lbs while working full time in a warehouse, going to school and balancing 2 side gigs. Now, Jesse can smile at himself in the mirror again. "This has been great. I no longer waste time. I was doing all the wrong exercises and wasting time doing them. With you, I'm able to save time and I'm also able to exercise the right way."

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