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So many people I come across are always asking me how what was your turning point to success when trying to transform your body and looking back on things I would have to say that I have always lived by an 80/20 rule.So what is a 80/20 rule you ask, quite simply it means 80% of the time I have been dedicated to living a healthy life and the other 20% was dedicated to a little compensation with the foods. This is how I started to transform my body into a lean 10% or less all year round by implementing this strategy into my training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Now over the years that 80% soon became more like 90+% because I truly didn’t have the urge to eat fast foods like I had as a teenager, just quietly more often than not but over the years of educating myself and just tuning in to my digestive system I found that every time I took on fast foods or foods that would impact my body fat levels that I had digestive system problems. So the choice to start to eat cleaner came on naturally because of the health issues I was having rather than forcing myself because I wanted to see my abs.

This was a game changer for me because I now saw it as a health issue, which I had told myself through the experiences I had encountered and then went about changing the 80/20 rule to a 90+% rule without much thought.

The body fat just dropped off me and I was able to stay around 10% or under all year round and I was eating chicken & Broccoli although I am a pretty simple eater sometimes and could easily do that too.

I went about creating a system that would be based around a formula that I then implemented on myself and then clients that was easy to understand and follow and the results were amazing!The clients were dropping weight yet creating a lifestyle that they wouldn’t rebound through the systems they had learnt. Those systems I continue to use and refine with the ever changing times to perfect the art of body transformation. I have been blessed to have impacted many people’s lives to the point I have been called everything from “My hero” to “Jesus” sorry for anyone who is religious but the whole point to this is that I grew up learning bad habits on a nutritional level in a deprived neighbourhood where I would put my arm around my plate to protect my food, hahaha yes seriously but I used the 80/20 rule to implement and change the shape of my body.

When you try and go 100% dedication towards something too soon we tend to slip up and then beat ourselves up and then give up because we feel like we have failed. DON’T!!!!! Every successful person will tell you the road to success was lined with obstacles, hardship and testing times but the one thing we have in common is that we kept going forward. So take the 80/20 rule as I did and use it until you have create a lifestyle and the body of your dreams and remember when you have road blocks just keep pushing forward for there is where SUCCESS awaits.

Take every step as a positive step to learning rather than a step backwards because you had a slip up and never stop learning, education is knowledge and knowledge is power.

Happy transforming people!!!!!

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