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Far too often during nutritional consults as a nutritionist I’m hearing “I will just do this diet for now so I can lose weight quickly then I will do your plan”

So let’s analysis this statement for a few important reasons when trying to create a healthy body geared towards whatever goal you may have whether that is weight loss, more strength or to aid muscle growth and therefore reducing your body fat.

The first thing I tell my client’s from evidence based information and through experience with the implementation of that knowledge is “NEVER do a diet firstly and SECONDLY and importantly NEVER do something you cannot sustain for the rest of your life”

Restriction on any foods tends to lead to a lack of nutrients, fuel for everyday activities, protein to build muscle and all of a sudden your body is stressed and releasing cortisol breaking down any muscle you may have worked you butt off for.

You become agitated, flustered and hangry which is a cross over between hungry and angry not to mention major frustration because you are putting in the efforts with your training and you even feel your foods are good but you’re on what I call the “MOUSE TREADMILL” running around in circles on the little wheel not getting anywhere and two years later despite all what you feel are you best efforts you have lost little yet see someone on social media doing a new fad diet so you jump across to that. Do you see the viscous cycle literally forming in my sentences?

So here’s a suggestion from a sound Source of knowledge that will stop you on that treadmill and show you the right way out.

Be patient but most importantly be willing to learn nutrition and challenge your habits because until something changes THAT YOU CAN SUSTAIN then nothing will ever change other than the next year you roll in to full of frustration from the lack of results.

A healthy lifestyle has no end date as I you are not going to the Olympics when just trying to sustain good health and achieve a healthy lifestyle that packs your body full of energy.


  • Include protein in every meal even your snack to fill you up for longer, build muscle but most importantly keep your blood sugar levels balanced preventing cravings
  • Eating smaller meals spaced out about 2.5/3 hours apart starting 30 minutes after waking up. If you work out first thing in the morning a piece of fruit before you train is fine then eat within 40 minutes of training. If you are taking supplements such as a protein shake after your workout eat within 1.5 hours after the shake
  • Sleep properly to keep your hormones in check otherwise you are literally sabotaging your day ahead
  • Eat the rainbow during lunch and dinner (vegetables and fruit) to ensure you are getting enough nutrients preventing cravings
  • Far too often we are dehydrated and often mistake that for being hungry, insulated water bottles keep your water cool even when you leave them in the sun during summer all day.
  • Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates but learn when to eat high energy (preferably brown rice, basmati rice, sweet potato) v low energy carbohydrates (vegetables of your choice/5 at lunch & dinner) and the same applies for fats, learn the difference between good fats (Omega 3’s: Swordfish, salmon, flaxseed or extra virgin olive oil) v Omega 6’s)
  • Reduce your added sugars, saturated fats and sodium levels and watch your body fat drop and before you say I want to lose weight, lose weight from body fat because if it is not body fat then you’re breaking down muscle meaning you are softer, have a weaker support structure and only losing water. You understand now why we want to lose body fat?
  • Lastly don’t skip meals because your body will go into STARVATION MODE and start to  store fat no matter what your efforts you may be putting elsewhere leading you back to the dreaded MOUSE TREADMILL.

So I truly hope the knowledge I have shared will educate you to be patient, make the right choices when it comes to nutrition but most importantly EMPOWER YOU to be the best version of yourself.

Much love

Jeffrey Morgan

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