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Whenever I interact with a client I’m always trying to instil the importance of “CONSTANT TENSION on the muscle group being worked.

Whenever we lift a weight the biggest 2 points refer to the following –

1. Good form & technique to activation every muscle fibre we can in that particular movement &

2. The CONSTANT TENSION on the activated muscle to reap 100% out of each rep
I mean that’s why we lift isn’t it? To get the maximum benefit towards your own specific goals and when I’m talking constant tension I’m talking about building muscle and creating an environment for fat loss because for me that is my speciality.

This is more about building specific muscle in the body part by body part so don’t get it wrong from Sports specific/Olympic or powerlifting and no disrespect to any style or format. It’s a free world each to their own. I respect everyone who wants to stay healthy so let’s get that straight & clear 🙂

Anyway back to the subject, when lifting a weight and then create constant tension on the muscle we are able to micro tear muscle fibres that then can be regenerated from the taking of some form of protein within 40 minutes of training to best optimize muscle growth.

As soon as we lose that tension on the muscle/s being worked then two things occur that could have implications on your training progress not to mention ongoing issues with your body –

1. We increase your chances of injury because we are essentially asking you muscle fibres to become a handbrake at speed and even more so if we have not built a base from the tendons & ligaments up

2. We lose the potential of the exercise to get 100% towards building muscle. I don’t know about you but if I give something to invest, my time in this case to transform my body then I expect maximum returns on that.

Think of it this way, if I was to say to you I had an investment where if you gave me $1000 dollars I could give you $2000 back OR if you give me $1000 I could give you $1200 back what one would you choose?

So the whole purpose is to control the weight you’re using throughout the movement to create that CONSTANT TENSION. I usually use a 2 seconds downwards (Eccentric or negative movement) where the muscle lengthens and you decelerate the weight you’re using in a controlled fashion then hitting a range near the bottom, I have always used a 1 degree bend at the bottom point then accelerating the weight upwards in the same 2 second tempo controlled throughout to create that constant tension.

Do any set in this fashion and you get many benefits =
1. A defined well built muscle & body
2. Prevent injury
3. Get 100% investment return
4. Feel the burn as it is what you need for better results. No one ever got results in their comfort zone!

If you want results follow these steps and be persistent because this technique of CONSTANT TENSION will give you another edge to improve your training and better still your results.

Happy training!!!!
Jeffrey Morgan

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