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Working in the gym as a Trainer I notice things constantly. What I do tend to notice these days with the technology available that most people come into the gym with an intention but don’t hit the intensity they should be because their heads are elsewhere. Whether that be in their mobile phones, conversations for too long a period in between sets with friends, thinking about the night out coming up or even thinking about what they want to do next outside the gym. Let me be straight up and tell you that hitting the gym with that mindset will never get you to the full potential with your training.

Hit the gym with the intent to make your muscles grow, fat melt or to increase your fitness and put the sole focus on the session you’re about to implement for the day. Don’t go there and go through the motions. If you only gave half a effort during a tug-o-war I guarantee you’ll get pulled airborne by someone going there with the intent to rain down war on your party. You see my point, half efforts get half results.

Literally think about the session you’re going to hit up the following day so that when you’re going to the gym the next day the intent is there and I guarantee you the drive you first started with will also be there. That means that you should have a block of training structured to ensure you know what you’re doing for that 4/6/8 or whatever week block it is you are currently following.

I hit the gym pre-fueled food wise, music ready and I let my partner know from the get go that the small talk can wait until after the session. They respect that because in the end the gym is not a cafe for coffee chat, you feeling me? I mean you would’nt drive a long distance without preparing your car with fuel, food and maybe even a blanket & pillows for a possible cold night would you? So preparing yourself is essential to reach your maximum potential.

So think about tomorrow’s session and make it count, make every rep through every set count by getting 100% activation and commitment to transforming you. No distractions, no small talk, just pure hard work but remember as good as it is to train hard, remember to train smart.

Best wishes

Jeffrey Morgan

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