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DETERMINATION is not giving up at the first sight of struggle. It’s about fighting tooth and nail but you have to have something that you believe in and fight for.

This is the first step of any successful transformation journey, there is usually a hardship attached, a “TRIGGER” or “SNAP POINT” that drives a person to bounce out of a situation that made them realise that there life isn’t where they would like it to be whether that be from a relationship break ups, financial struggles, the current lifestyle you’re living, lose of business or even a near death experience.

Something then drives that person to look back on their lives and think about whether they feel content with what they have done or achieved in it. You ever thought how content you would be if your life was to end now?

I’m sorry if that seems so dramatic but can you look back on it and say “Yes, I’m happy with how I lived” but the question is did you really live? Did you do whatever it was that you wanted to do? Could have been seen the Pyramids in Egypt, jump out of an aeroplane, dive the Great Barrier Reef or whatever may be on your wish to do whilst you have the chance.

Look we all go through ups & downs in life and we just have to deal with it but determination means that no matter how low the situation may seem I want you to think of this, Think about your worst moment in life and it may jog some sad upsetting memories right but guess what, you’re still here reading this blog and you have the opportunity to stand up and fight back with the determination that has seen you go through that experience yet still see you standing.

Determination is about getting hit over and over and becoming strong even to the point that your character becomes the inspiration for others to turn their situations around from what they seem helpless. It’s about being on your last legs but having something in the back of your head say “Get up, you can do this!” and it’s that determination that’ll drive you to success. When the pain becomes so great that there is no other option but to change you will see success, you will want success and determination will be there without trying.

Then and only then will you feel your life turn and there greatness awaits.

Best wishes
Jeffrey Morgan

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