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So many of us in the group would like to stay lean all year round but time and time again I have seen people exercise more but eat less thinking that’s the solution to losing weight or more specifically losing body fat. Now here’s something I want you to think about, have you ever seen a lion that is fat??? I mean even think about a lion in a zoo and they’re shredded, lean yet very muscular right?

So my point is that when you want to stay lean you need to eat like a lion not like a mouse BUT choosing the right foods is essential to stay lean and in saying that remember your choices of foods have 3 implications to yourself.

So let’s look at the 3
1. How you function – Ever eaten Fast foods and felt like you have a fog cloud hovering above your brain, felt like just sitting on the lounge, can’t remember things, perform poorly in your workouts? This all relates to how you function. Eat clean and tell me how you feel. . I guarantee you that your workouts will be intense because you have fuelled your engine (Your body) right. Fuel your Ferrari engine with water and expecting it to go like a Ferrari is unrealistic. Fuel your engine right and you’ll function right!

2. How you feel – Eating fast foods/foods with no nutritional value is a sure way to sluggish, tired, lazy, unmotivated & bloated. So if I’m feeling like that do you think I’m likely to workout consistently? I know after all my years experience training and eating right that your food choices relate directly to your training. When you eat clean you’ll feel motivated, lean, happy, energized and ready to tackle each and every task in front of You including workouts, kids or even hard work. You see I am always hearing about Mother’s who are too tired to train and let me be the first to say I respect the hard work that goes into bringing any number of kids up. I also know that by working out you’ll have the energy not only to look after the kids but get dinner ready, workout & whatever else needs to be done. It’s just the initial first 6 weeks that are needed to create a habit that will become your lifestyle including eating to stay lean all year round.

3. How you look – Now all to often I here “I want to lose weight” and then I put together a eating plan that has been successful for not one but various people of all shapes and sizes over and over. Now if I invest in something and pay someone some form of money for a service with a proven system behind it then I’m going to use that system to it’s fullest to ensure I get the most out of that service. Whether that be a training, eating, running or whatever program utilize everything in it because that right there is the tools to success. Trying to mix and mingle one system with another most of the time won’t work because each trainer has a different system. Mind you many are successful but combining both may work against one another. The point being that when you do something do it at your best following a successful guideline and I guarantee you SUCCESS!!! This will ultimately affect how you look. Eat shit and you look like shit! Sorry but that’s the plain and simple truth, don’t complain when you do and then wonder why your body fat keeps going up each week. You either choose to find a balance and look amazing or you choose to get drunk and eat bad all week. It’s YOUR CHOICE, Just don’t complain when you look in the mirror wishing you looked different. Yeah it’s hard work to stay lean but after a while it becomes a habit and easy sustainable.

1. Always include a protein source at every meal including your snacks as this will eliminate regular sugar cravings
2. Drink plenty of fluid as this will pre-fill you meaning you’ll only eat the right amount prevent eating unnecessary food that’ll just convert and store as fat.
3. Resistance training is required. Muscle mass matters, 66% of your daily metabolism is determined by your muscle mass. Don’t worry ladies you’ll only lean out and be toned contrary to many beliefs you won’t look bigger than the incredible HULK. Train no more than 45 minutes, So in other words hit every workout with intent. No bullshit, straight training!
4. Include carbs but maximize your window of opportunity by eating low energy carbs outside the window and High energy carbs inside the window.
5. Try to get 1800mg per day to maximize your Omega 3 intake. This has been linked to weight loss
6. Sleep the required 8 hours to ensure your body recovers. This means your muscle will grow and you’ll have less body fat
7. Reduce stress in your life. Seek answers or solutions to things that always seem to cause you stress. If you let it then you’ll stress.
8. Have structure and goals to each and every day whether that be pre-preparing your meals, knowing what workout is coming next, meals for the week or even when you’ll plan your rest days. If you have no direction you’ll get lost
9. Keep a diary of the weight your lifting and foods you eat with your mood & hydration included. This will ensure when you’re successful or maybe not so successful you can reflect on what works or doesn’t work for you.
10. Be true to yourself. This means giving 100% in the gym, eating clean a majority of the time and not just in front of workmates saying you always eat clean but then eat lollies and ice cream every night and following through with your weekly structure.

Enjoy your day and remember “Today’s food is tomorrow’s body”

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