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You see it’s easy to say “I want to lose weight” or “I want to live a healthy lifestyle” but old habits usually undo good intentions and that’s why we tend to have New Year’s resolutions because it’s like we reset and refocus and try again BUT here’s the brutal truth: NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES!

So how do we now change what we have been doing for so many year’s and taught to us by usually someone that we respect which creates part of the problem because you don’t want to let them down but think of it like this: You will actually help prolong their lives through healthy food choices as long as you’re learning a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable because it also means you’re getting enough nutrients into your body.

Why are nutrients important you ask? Simple analogue I use with all my clients that has been a game changer on the thought process level, no flower in the world can sprout from soil that isn’t looked after meaning water, sunlight, fertiliser, the right planting method as a seed and love and unless you love yourself then your body will suffer the same wilted look as a flower without the nutrients, make sense so far?

Ever walk past a well looked after garden and thought to yourself “That’s beautiful” even as a male because you can tell the person has put their heart and soul into it, you need to do that for your body by fuelling it right with nutrients that will:

  • Aid recovery
  • Pack you with energy for life
  • Make you feel stronger
  • Assist muscle growth meaning less body fat as the two correlate
  • Not to mention feeling amazing, confident and strong because you are not that wilted flower

When you eat food you will either eat something full of nutrients (which we want) or something full of empty calories so it’s like you have no money in the bank account and you are definitely not helping your flower be all it can be. I know you may be thinking about the flower a lot but it is a way to help you remember.

Lastly in life we have a list of priorities and until you love yourself and care for you so you can care for others you have to make yourself a priority and not make excuses like the following as examples:

  1. I don’t have time (Everyone has time, you mean your health is not a major priority) and the worst is with work (You’re slaving yourself for someone else maybe not eating, really?)
  2. I eat well (Eating good healthy food packed full of nutrients occasionally or once a day doesn’t count as eating well)
  3. I’m not into healthy foods (Try various recipes especially with the internet these day’s there are millions of recipes that I guarantee will hit your taste buds)

It’s truly a matter of making you the number one priority with the nutrients you put in to your body to give you back a life you never thought was possible and I know this because as a nutritionist and transformation specialist for 20 years I have seen the benefits of nutrients in your body…


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