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The hardest thing to do when trying to lose weight is to face you the truth, the demons that tell you that what you’re currently doing is fine and is normal. That’s fine until you go to your local doctor and get hit with a sledgehammer from the news that you now have a serious health issue such as cancer, diabetes or anything that awakens your inner senses. Isn’t it sad as a society that we only seek help when we need a cure rather then trying to prevent health issues?

You see if you’re eating fast foods or fried foods daily eventually it will catch up, you can have that 6 pack because of your age but I can guarantee you that your insides would be damaged and how much is only determined by the period you spend eating this way. It’s all hunky dory when you’re young and live freely but when you start to get older and your eating habits are ingrained then it’s time to face those demons. When that 6 pack which was there no matter what you ate because of your metabolism and activity level starts to disappear I can guarantee you that you would have done some serious damage internally especially to your arteries.

This is the hardest thing I see so many people having to accept when they get older as a personal trainer because they can’t understand why they have put on weight. The whole point to this is the fact that habits become instinctive so trying to change them when we’re older is confronting.

Facing the truth sometimes and being confronted by your trainer to make the change is sometimes daunting. I see it all the time because when you challenge someone’s beliefs they put this wall up higher than the great wall of China and all of a sudden I cannot see in. You see to admit that what you thought you knew was doing damage to your health and any chance of a transformation is something no one wants to admit.

I have had people over 100kgs with a body fat percentage of +50%, no exercise history and gaining weight on a weekly basis telling me they don’t have a problem but they’re before me because the doctor cannot operate until they’ve lost weight and guess what, it’s the stupid doctor’s fault. Let me say this, until you face your own demons nothing will change meaning trying to weight is pointless and I know you’ll have health issues with that.

Even leaner people only wanting to lose 5-10kgs start a transformation but I see a pattern really quickly and they’re self-sabotaging their efforts because of a various amount of reason. Sometimes they don’t feel worthy, sometimes the time isn’t right just then but most of the times they can’t except that to make a change they have to make a change.

The point being people is this, until you change your current lifestyle, habits, behaviours and beliefs and I know that’s confronting you will NEVER change from the current predicament. I have lost many a friend growing up to cancer, diabetes and other health issues that may have been changed through their lifestyle habits. You will cry and live a sorry end when it comes to that not to mention the heartache your family and friends will go through. I have seen this personally and on many occasions up front and it’s devastating to say the least.

I know this may be confrontational in it’s context but sometimes the only way to get things across is by telling it how it is. I could dampen the subject but I’m sincerely trying to get a message across and that is to get uncomfortable, be accountable and confront your current situation. If you choose to stay the way you’re and fall sick then don’t complain when it happens for you’re the controller of your own destination. Ride the wave that you choose and live the way you want because it’s a free world.

It may be writing down your habits and then coming up with strategies to deal with those, realising that a relationship has put more stress than happiness into your life or even going to work just to pay the bills. When you challenge yourself you will be surprised at the outcome after you deal with things head on. Things come to a big crash but they repair themselves over time and eventually you will be in a better place, Are you ready to face your demons?

Best wishes

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