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We all know that this time of year tends to bring about get together with the family & friends, work functions and every other excuse to overindulge in food and alcohol. First things first and that’s the fact that I’m all for the lifestyle training and long term sustainable eating habits BUT over indulging whether it be for the festive season or Easter as examples is straight up BULLSHIT!!!

Hey I’m all for catch ups, functions, get togethers or whatever label you want to put on it during the festive season but if you overindulge on food & alcohol you will gain body fat FULLSTOP!

You see creating a healthy lifestyle means including all your macronutrients (Proteins, fats & yes carbohydrates) as well as your micro nutrients (Vitamins & minerals) to ensure a well balanced energy providing, muscle building and recovery helping eating structure. I label it that because as much as it’s the food that makes up your diet I’m always sceptical as to the label of DIET being attached and what people perceptions are about diets.

I know from ground level experience that people tend to think of diets as a particular name (Atkin’s, Paleo, Low carb etc) just to name a few and a restriction of some macro or food source where as I tend to think about not restricted any food but eating and choosing wisely to stay lean all year round. I’m not saying it’s not a free world and if you choose Paleo as an example that you may not get results.

I’m merely stated that in my 40 years of life I have eaten a way that I know works and it included not restricting foods but rather working with my metabolism, the right training program to match the nutrition and consistency in both those fields to stay lean and set a great example all year round.

Now people may say but where is the study to prove what you’re saying and my answer would be “My body” speaks volumes, my clients testimonials and the information I have gathered from the implementation over years and years as a trainer has allowed me to formulate what I call the “Key to a successful lean body all year round”

Anyway back to the main topic and that is the fact that when you over eat and using my formula of minimizing Saturated fats, sugars and sodium you can be guaranteed during Christmas get togethers that there will be fried foods, finger foods, chocolates, lollies and every other bit of food that tastes good on the lips but goes straight to the hips.

How many times have you personally hit the festive season and finished up on the end of it another 5kgs heavier and that’s not through building muscle and eating well but more so through eating foods in bulk that’ll ultimately widen your load so to speak. Remember telling like it is the only way sometimes and today I’m giving it to you straight up!

Why people use the festive season, Easter or any other occasion to binge is purely an excuse to eat whatever food they can get into the food disposal unit, your mouth during that occasion. It’s like people saying my new years resolution is “To lose weight” and my answer is “Why wait?’ no time like the present or did I miss something???

I mean can we only start training after new years or on Mondays? Is that a written rule somewhere because every seems to set goals based around starting on Mondays or through a new years resolution. Any day is a good day to start.

The average Australian tends to gain 5kgs of weight during the festive season and anyone who has been around long enough and tried losing 5kgs that it’s not easy and takes commitment, dedication and hard work. So why waste a months worth of recovery training when you can maximize your fat loss and hit Summer and the beaches with the confidence you want when wearing that favourite bikini or in the guys case wearing no shirt.

Stay disciplined during the festive season and I can as hell guarantee you that you’ll stay focused throughout the year. Remember I’m an advocate for fun and good times too but in a balanced manner meaning there is more a 90% tilt in the favour of clean eating, consistent training and recovery and reducing stress in your life. That leaves you 10% to fiddle around with and my advice is to stretch the 10% out over the year and not save it up until one moment such as Easter or the festive season.

It’s not like chocolate disappears during the year and appears at Easter, People wonder why they gain unwanted kilos during Easter yet eat 30 chocolate eggs thinking that because it’s Easter the eggs won’t have the same affect as any other time of the year and I’m being serious when I say this. You wouldn’t believe me when I tell you just how many clients are shocked and think that this is true. This comes down to nutritional information and ultimately the lack of it.

Today I’m trying to give you just a snippet for you to take away for next festive season to look back on and stay focused to hit Summer and the beaches as lean as you can be whilst still enjoying the parties, functions and get togethers.

So here’s my top 10 tips to keep you lean throughout the festive season –

  1. Always eat before attending a function to prevent over indulging or being caught out by the food supplied at the function (We all know it’ll be festive which means it’ll go straight to the hips)
  2. Drink plenty of water as this prevents over eating or drowning ourselves in alcohol
  3. Dance as much as you can as we know that the more movement we create the more energy we burn
  4. If you get stuck at the function and have not eaten look for protein sources (Eggs, chicken, fish, steak, beef) just to name a few and even if they’re in a thickened sauce just remove the sauce and eat the protein source with a salad which is usually untouched at most functions apart from when Personal Trainers get together
  5. Don’t starve yourself before any functions as it’ll only mean that you smash down whatever food gets laid out at the function, this I can absolutely guarantee. Never starve yourself on any day
  6. I’m being realistic on this next one but when consuming alcohol and we know that this will more than likely happen with most people at a Christmas function try to go one for one and by that I mean one alcoholic drink then one water. This will minimize calories!!!
  7. Eat slowly when eating at any function, graze be the better word. That way you’ll give you body time enough to send a signal to your brain that you’re full before you have over eaten
  8. Train consistently and eat well leading up to any festive event as this will ensure that you at least get your 90/10% rule right that week
  9. Remember to enjoy yourself but more importantly remember all the hard work you’ve put into your training and trying to minimize your body fat. Don’t undo all the hard work because you want to fit in, you’ll still have fun without all the lollies, cake and alcohol
  10. Anything nice on the lips will go straight to the hips and although the sweetness is nice for the moment the effects are life changing.

Best wishes and may everyone enjoy the festive season and be blessed by a very happy New Year!

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