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From the time we’re born we are taught various habits that ultimately stay with us for life. These same habits often lead us down the track to illnesses, being overweight or problems… in life.

So I thought I’d throw a lot of the habits that I’ve come across as a trainer that have had an negative effect on trying to lose fat/weight.

The issue a lot of the time relates to more than just bad eating habits and until they’re all addressed the yo-yo effect of trying to lose fat/weight will be one that may seem impossible.

So here’s a few lifestyle habits that you may relate to –

1. SKIPPING BREAKFAST – To lose weight we need to exercise which creates muscle which then makes our muscles cry out for food. Imagine not feeding yourself forever, You’d die right

Now relate that to your muscles. If you don’t feed them they break down to provide energy for the body and essentially slow down your metabolism usually storing the excess energy as fat, Booo!!!!

So back to the point DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST!!!

RECOMMENDATION – if you haven’t eaten breakfast for years then maybe start off with a simple boiled egg then work on building that up over time.

2. LACK OF SLEEP – Going to bed late at night and then waking up to work after only minimal sleep (6 or less hours). This absolutely throws your metabolism out of whack meaning the next day is followed up with bad eating habits, no motivation to train and usually a grumpy attitude to boot.

The infomercials are not that exciting, hahaha and a good intense workout will definitely see you sleep well at night. I know what it’s like to sit up after 2 knee operations and sleeping a lot during the rest & recovery period and let me tell you that working out leads to eating clean which leads to a good sleep at night. Anyone that trains, eat well and leads a healthy lifestyle will tell you this.

RECOMMENDATION – Try get in 8 hours sleep per day. It’ll refresh you for your next workout, work, life and relationships.

3. MISSING MEALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY – I guarantee you that if you miss meals or skip meals throughout the day that at some point of the day, usually the end of it you’ll be so hungry that you’ll pile your plate mile high and eat like a pig with a pen full of food. It’s just human nature. Have you ever done this?

Having regular meals curbs cravings and puts a halt to snacking on foods usually only good for the mid section enlargement! If you eat on a regular basis I know that you won’t pile your plate high eating excess calories resulting in a fat storage that keeps you on the mouse treadmill, losing body fat during exercise then replacing with excess food. Round & round we go, you feeling me?

RECOMMENDATION – Try to introduce a meal on a regular basis which you need to work out based on your metabolism, muscle mass and growling tummy then aim to eat something small at that meal time and build that up over time along with the muscle which will create more hunger.

4. NOT EXERCISING – Yes food and the type of foods we eat is a major determinant on the fat/weight loss goal but exercise will promote eating the right foods to minimize your fat/weight loss..

You see exercise and eating the right food tend to go hand in hand because you get this feeling of “Why am I exercising then eating foods that’ll lead to a balance, although some people do because it is like a reward type system that they’ve exercised so they feel like they deserve or can eat fattening foods or excess amounts of crap.

RECOMMENDATION – Just like building your foods up take your time and build up your training loads whether it be with weights, running, core work or any other form of health & fitness you choose to take up. Don’t go from zero to Hero. You’ll only burn out!

So make exercise, eating the right foods to drop body fat and sleep well are the main tips for today to maximize your goals or maybe your New Years resolution.

Remember everything takes time, Look up Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs or Nelson Mandela to name a few. persistence beats resistance.

Have a great day everyone

Jeffrey Morgan

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