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You see the thing about losing weight is that you should be aiming to lose that weight purely from body fat in an ideal world.

The reality is after working with client’s for many years is that they will not get their eating right meaning they will ultimately break down muscle rather than fat essentially still losing weight but more than likely you will be tired, lethargic and lacking the essential macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals and slowing your metabolism not to mention ending up with a flabby body because you have broken down your muscle.

Don’t get me wrong you may be lighter but you will be unhealthy which to me has always been a contradiction. So now the argument as to whether you can lose body fat whilst building muscle starts because many will argue that to do one will cancel out the other, load of BULLSHIT because after training myself and client’s for many years both are achievable.

It’s truly a matter of getting out what your put in. “Dirty bulking” as often used by young novice uneducated aspiring body builders is purely a term I prefer to translate as “Lazy undisciplined body builders” Truth serum right there, take it or leave it because in the end it’s a fact.

Ask people at the highest level of body building because these are the people with the most amount of discipline and see if they’re eating pizza’s, drive through or fried foods daily before comp to gain muscle and I can sure as hell assure you Kai Greene, Lee Haney or even tiny Arnold Schwarzenegger, sorry Arnie were not ordering the latest meal packed full of fat and sugar all the way up to comp and if they did it wasn’t the year they won Mr Olympia. I’ll put my house on it!

Anyway the point I am trying to make is you need to eat right to lose body fat whilst building muscle so here are my top 5 tips –

1. PROTEIN, PROTEIN & more PROTEIN and it’s what builds or even maintains lean muscle mass therefore speeding up your metabolism dropping you dress sizes and for the guys eventually helping you expose your abs. The more muscle you have the less body fat IF you’re eating the right foods at the right time you will have, true story.

2. TRAIN WITH INTENSITY because this will fuel your body’s hunger. Think of the human body this way. So if you have 400 bits of muscle to feed (Remember this is an example, not fact) and those 400 muscles were Piranha’s that ate anything that hit the stomach and you start to train and create 400 more Piranha’s through the new muscles (Piranha’s) you have built so you now have 800 Piranha’s awaiting the food but only feed 400 what will happen? It will be the survival of the fittest and the fittest when it comes to the human body is your vital organs (Heart, lungs, kidneys etc) that will need to survive meaning you will break down muscle. So as much as training with intensity counts it’s important you match your nutrition to that intensity otherwise you are back on the “MOUSE TREADMILL” going fast but no where!

3. EAT ON A REGULAR BASIS and don’t starve yourself. See Piranha explanation above to see the effects of starving yourself not to mention that you will be lacking some serious energy. I hear it all the time how people will be ok eating one meal per day and I know because I have seen family and friend’s do so but they’re always tired and grumpy compared to friend’s who train on a regular basis and eat foods packed full of nutrients. Eating on a regular basis also speeds up your metabolism.

4. INCLUDE CARDIO whether you’re just doing it as a lifestyle or even body building cardio will always be a component of stripping body fat but remembering that by doing too much which in general will be about 45 minutes onwards in a cardiovascular session your body will become catabolic breaking down muscle. The right intensity will depend on your goals and how you best get that out as the new fashion is H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval training) but seriously choose your favourite method and then just do it on a regular basis. If you do too much cardio you will end up looking like a marathon runner, skinny without muscle (Nothing personal against marathon runners as my family including my Dad loved long distances, just stated facts)


5. LEARN FROM AND EXPERT who has a sound education in nutrition meaning they have studied but more importantly implemented their study and systems they are essentially promoting because I have seen an abundance of “Personal Trainers” come into the industry after a 6 week course and never trained before dishing out the nutrition advice they had learned from “BRO SCIENCE” only to years later become a more educated trainer and retract or change the methods and advice they dish out (This is not knocking trainers because I mentor many trainers but just stating facts). It will mean as a customer you will pay more but would you take advice from Donald Trump about business or Joe Bloggs who lost his corner take away shop on how to invest $100,000? Everyone in this world should be choosing Donald Trump to be properly educated about what you’re trying to learn so my advice is choose an expert and pay the money. It will be life changing and rewarding beyond words, it could even save your life.

Much love everyone…

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