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How often have you made a New Years resolution only to break it within the first week and a then give up?

The first thing you should be doing when commiting to anything especially when it relates to health & fitness goals is remember that things take time when you want to create a lifestyle. Yeah there are a million 10 week challenges around that will help transform your body but more than likely not most of your lives because it’s hard to create a lifestyle, something you do repetively for extensive periods in 10 weeks.

Lets just look at your metabolism alone and the damage done if you have eaten foods full of added sugars, saturated fats and sodium. Imagine a garbage tip, if you have never seen one then Google it. Now from the front of it you see a fence and nothing major right but when you step inside there is junk and rubbish everywhere. The fence is your body and the junk and rubbish is your metabolism which even if you did a full clean out of the tip would still have dirt and gunk everywhere. So in other words things take time, be patient.

Here is my Top ten tips to create a healthy lifestyle

1. Be open to change, ever heard the saying “nothing changes if nothing changes”

2. No amount of training can outdo bad nutrition, eat shit you will feel, function and look like shit!

3. Today’s food is tomorrow’s body, don’t cry when summer rolls around and you don’t feel how you want to in your own body because of your choices. You are responsible for you! Don’t blame others

4. Train consistently but in increments meaning train at your stregth & fitness levels increasing your weights and running distance or intensity over time. No one runs 100kms on their first ever run, don’t be a hero. Take your time, this is a lifestyle.

5. Learn to eat healthy meaning something you can sustain forever,mall these gimmicks to help you lose weight are just that. learn to eat whole foods through a personal trainer who lives the life and looks the part.

6. Stress less means you will function and perform at your best not to mention be happier. I have a goal to be positive throughout the year no matter how messed up the situation. Turn every negative into a positive lesson

7. Learn to get your 8 hours of sleep. There is nothing better than waking up fresh and ready to go BEASTMODE in all aspects of your life. Most successful people train in either one way, shape or form

8. Let’s haters hate! People will always tell you that you can’t especially if they haven’t themselves done it. People who have completed goals will tell you that you can and will more importantly help you and support you along the way, surround yourself with these people

9. Buy yourself a diary and log your progress to learn, inspire and see what you have achieved because in the end it’s about you! It’ll also let you reflect on lessons learnt along the way.

10. Always do steps 1-9 until the end of time and you will live a better qulaity of life with an abundance of energy, vitality and drive.

happy 2015 everyone yours truly Jeffrey Morgan

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