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Is this you? You see a post on social media with a client professing that they have lost 50kgs in a short period of time so you click on the photo and want to sign up because it obviously works right? WRONG

I’ll tell you why it is wrong for so many reasons listed below:


  1. LIFESTYLE HABITS: They could not have learnt a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, training, sleep, hydration and less stress in what takes good trainers to learn in years) meaning they have cut corners and this my friend will only lead to a rebound once the person goes back to regular eating, FACT!
  2. BAD POSTURE, MORE INJURY PRONE MEANS LESS TRAINING: They would’ve broken down muscle to achieve drastic weight loss numbers meaning their body is now weak and with proper support for good posture leaving them prone to injuries due to the stress on other body parts that are not usually stressed when strong and balanced
  3. SLOW DOWN YOUR METABOLISM: Breaking down muscle also means that you will end up flabby and with loose skin whereas when you have done something properly you can stay as tight as possible by creating lean muscle and ending up more defined not to mention a better posture
  4. MOUSE TREADMILL: It means you will more than likely and I’m talking a high percentage chance of, put that weight back on two fold and this will only lead to frustration and this is how I relate this issue to clients. If you ever watched a mouse run on the round wheel they have in their house and you see the mouse think “I’m going somewhere” but we all know that they are not. That’s how I think about you when you are cutting corners because I know even if I take a client and yourself and start them at the same time and my client takes the long way they will win overall because they learnt healthy habits
  5. METABOLIC DAMAGE: Let me describe it like this, when someone rip’s the wiring out of your car and then says put it all back together from scratch is how your metabolism will be when you under eat and cut corners. Be patient for F*#k sake and your digestive system will thank you for it

The most important thing to remember is that a healthy lifestyle does not have a date on it so what’s the rush people.

I promise you this, learn a healthy lifestyle and let the hare go past you at the start because you will not only win the race but keep winning the race forever whilst they stay on the MOUSE TREADMILL and remember if you need an indicator as to knowing if it’s sustainable ask yourself this: Can I do this for the rest of my life? and if the answer is NO then don’t cut that corner or you will watch the Tortoise crawl past you

Much love

Jeffrey Morgan


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