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I want to talk about something that rarely gets a mention when talking about results when it comes to your training and that is SLEEP. You see just hearing it probably makes you think that this will blog will probably put you to sleep but I’m going to highlight exactly why SLEEP is just as important as training with intensity, eating to match your training & goals and even creating the right mindset. You see it’s a holistic approach which covers all bases.

When you think about the amount of time you spend in bed at let’s say 6 hours per day on average as an example x 7 and we’re at 43 hours per week and let’s say you live to 80. That’ll give you 178880 hours in an 80 years of age lifetime. That’s a lot of sleep!

The issue is that we want to lose weight or build muscle and to do that we implement this great lifestyle that includes let’s say an hour training session daily and then you eat clean most of the day only to come home and sit up all night minimizing your sleep and therefore recovery time.  Anyone who has been around the health & fitness industry will tell you how important sleep is when it comes to recovery, repairing muscle after a workout and freshening up the body to repeat the lifestyle again and again.

Ok imagine this you go out for a whole week with you went to work, dinner dates, sporting activities and family get togethers but only showered once in that week and splash some water over your face to freshen up, I know right the smell would not attract the opposite sex that’s for sure hahaha . So think about how bad your body feels when you don’t refresh it by having enough sleep every night?

See when you don’t have enough sleep you’ll become tired and irritable and release a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol’s will interfere with your ability to sleep or even fall asleep meaning you’ll be up later usually snacking on the tastiest thing in the pantry, whatever that may be for you but I can guarantee a majority of the population would choose foods that will only increase their fat storage.


Remember cortisol when released breaks down muscle and stores fat usually around the mid-section called visceral fat which has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and cancers just to name a few. Now if you also consider that an increased rate of cortisol release in chronic sleep loss will likely promote the development of insulin resistance which means not only are you now storing more fat around the body but you’ve increase your chances of heart disease.

Insulin resistance means that you can eat carbs constantly without getting a signal to the brain telling you that you’re full and therefore allowing you to binge eating, are you feeling me?

Weight loss is directly related to your sleep patterns. Being in the industry for a long time I have seen patterns when it comes to a lack of sleep.

The client who had not slept properly would come in and train but be a walking zombie during the session then leave feeling like that wish they could go back to bed compared to the client who had proper sleep and something to eat before their session would give 100% and still walk away energized ready to tackle the day ahead. This was a regular pattern, so much so that I could tell who had slept properly and who had not when they walked through the door for their session even at 5.30am.


Lack of sleep really messes up the hormonal balance in the body and all of a sudden it’s like coming to a set of lights and they’re flashing between all the colours not giving one distinct colour, so what do you do? That is what your body is going through due to a lack of sleep. Your hormones are all over the place, your storing fat, you’re not getting a signal to tell you that you’re full when eating, you fell tired and irritable and therefore your work slacks off, your relationship suffers and your tired when it comes to your social life. You see everything is about a balance.

When you sleep less you eat more it’s that simple and as I said the choices will usually be packed full of sugar to stop that sugar craving caused by the low blood sugar levels. It’s a never ending repeat cycle.

Now think about training and the effects of losing sleep. Firstly your energy levels will suck to put it bluntly. Don’t get me wrong you’ll get through the workout but very often with a lack of intensity unless you have a trainer or training partner who has slept properly and pushes you it’ll suck, mark my words.

Secondly when cortisol is released we break down the aesthetic muscle because it’s not needed when you compare it to the function of your vital organs such as your heart and lungs. So here you are working your butt off only to be on the old mouse treadmill going around in circles and you wonder why you’re not growing as quick as your training partner who sleeps properly but you both do everything identical. It’s easy through process of elimination to go through your chances of success list and see that LACK OF SLEEP is halting your progress, so change it!

When we sleep our bodies recover from whatever they have been put through and I’m not talking about training, stress, work or even just a long day. I mean who has felt refreshed after a long uninterrupted sleep? Everyone is nearly right? And I say nearly because people with various conditions such as chronic fatigue or depression may not no matter how much sleep they get. I’m referring to someone trying with no conditions to get fit, build muscle and live a better quality of life.

I was as a teenager the worst sleeper on this planet. I could go with 2 hours, yes you read it right and then work from 5.30am through to midnight and believe me I got things done but ever so slowly and

like a zombie but then I had a moment of clarity through some actions that brought about more rest and I was like “Damn!” I need more rest and started to factor that into my life.

I mean literally put it in your diary to be sure that it’s part of a balanced lifestyle including a social life and catching up with family and friends, going to the gym or even reading and by factoring it in you then become able to have structure that will lead to more energy, less body fat, more success, less chance of serious illnesses that could lead to death, more productivity and better relationships not to mention the body you have been trying to get, need more reasons? I don’t think so…

In saying that I think it’s time to snuggle to pull the blankets over and chillax.

5 tips to get a good sleep

  1. Don’t have a TV in the bedroom. Light is associated with day therefore messing up your body’s internal clock
  2. Make the room as dark as possible. This will tell your body’s internal clock that it’s time to recover and repair.
  3. Turn your phone off and only use the bedside alarm to wake you. Uninterrupted sleep allows you to recover
  4. Don’t eat a large meal within 2 hours of bed as it won’t digest properly and will keep you up as your stomach has a late night disco
  5. Set a time to switch everything off and no matter how much work you have go to bed writing a list of things to do so your mind doesn’t subconsciously think about what needs to be done whilst you try to sleep.
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