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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


SNAP POINTS are essentially something that happens in your life to make you realise  that a change is needed towards a healthier you!

Whether it is seeing someone close to you fall seriously ill, you escaping a serious moment yourself such as a major health issue to kick start your new years resolutions during the year

The unfortunate thing is although they may also kick you into gear they may also be the be on dire consequence for some as something like a heart attack doesn’t give you a second chance to fix the problem and their alone lies what I’m trying to help you with today, a solution!

The solution is this, think about something that means the world to you whether it be your kids, family, business or whatever you may be passionate about and now think about losing it in a moment and this unfortunately is a reality for some people and why I am so passionate about this subject because it means you get to spend time with kids in the future and maybe walk them down the aisle or watch them graduate from uni, marrying your partner or even just fulfilling your dreams and enjoying life without illness or medication

The most unfortunate thing in this day and age is only worrying about something when it happens

You can service your body through a healthy lifestyle therefore reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as cancers and ultimately create a healthy lifestyle

Don’t wait for that snap point but if it has come then taking action and making exercise and healthy foods a part of your everyday. If you have had a snap point comment and tell me what it was and you will receive the SUMMER BODY PROGRAM FREE

How did you feel when you had that SNAP POINT? It made you realsie that things need to change right?

Sometimes it may be a comment such as “Are you pregnant?” when you’re not or a photo taken at an event that you look back on and realise how big you have become or even the bigger clothes you have not fitting

Take action and write down who and what’s important to you and now seriously imagine it snatched from not only you but those close to you, now write down your goals and go smash every training sesions with them or what’s important to you and watch the difference in your results and think about them every time you want to slack off

This is how I deal with my SNAP POINTS and sharing with you will hopefully helps you with yours

Much love

Jeffrey Morgan



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