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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


“Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure”

One of my favourite quotes to refer to every time I go to reach back for a “GO TO” excuse as to why I can’t do something

This is a game changer because when you acknowledge that the excuse you’re about to use is the reason you’re in the position you are the quicker you will change your habits and start to see success

Don’t BULLSHIT yourself because that’s the only person you’re fooling even though the other person may not know in the end you’re robbing yourself of achieving your goals

Stand up and be counted and accountable to your journey by recognising what you need to do no matter how hard things are and I promise you success awaits you

Over time we develop habits that affect the way we think and behaviour in a particular situation which unfortunately at times tend to be something we refer back to to get acceptance when we don’t want to do something, it’s your reasoning why things will be ok

Stop blaming things, stop telling yourself that Bullshit excuse that you always do that got you in the position it has to set the goals you have, stop looking at why you can’t and start looking at the truth and the fact that you’re not going to change if nothing changes

I’m calling you out and telling you that all the reasoning you use or bullshit excuses you use are the old you and until you find the new you then you are just kidding yourself, saying what you need to for the sake of the moment but in the end you are only fooling YOU and the person you look at in the mirror

I have no sympathy for people that make excuses, just give me reason how you’re going to make it happen.

Imagine you are hanging of the cliff and there is no-one but you to get you up out of falling to your death, you reckon you would make it back up? I will put my arse on it you will fight tooth and nail until you are on flat ground again right. So do the same when it comes to your goals, be ruthless, relentless and knock and MF that wants to get in your way over because until you do that you will always be just a victim

You are accountable for you and when you want something bad enough then you will find a way and when you don’t then you won’t. Just don’t come to me with your BS excuse because it’ll fall on deaf ears

I grew up where hard work, action and commitment are the only ingredients. I pray and hope you find the same values to change your habits, behaviours and values to achieve your goals


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