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Taking charge means being accountable, putting your hand up when the chips are down and above all getting shit done!

You see I’m always hearing “I don’t have the time” but when will you have the time is my question? Straight up you are not prioritizing training or eating foods that won;t affect your health because right now it ain’t a issue.

It’s only when you start to notice that you are huffing and puffing up the stairs that you think “This never use to happen” and then you go to get your regular check up and all hell breaks loose because the Doctor has told you that if you don’t change your current lifestyle you’re headed towards a poorer quality of life and maybe even a early death. Not cool right?

So here’s my question to you, how important is your life and the quality that you live it? Many people think I eat like a rabbit everyday to achieve what I have with my body not realizing that I enjoy various foods with great flavour but I also find a balance between eating more towards the healthier side, good sleep, consistent training and a positive mindset.

That takes you and only you to TAKE CHARGE and make shit happen. I can tell you all day but until you get off your butt then the body fat that you carry will only get bigger. A healthy lifestyle can included everything in this world but in moderation not on a daily basis at every meal.

Until you look yourself in the mirror and actually say “I will take charge of me” nothing will happen. There will be more visits to the chemist and hospitals not to mention the fact that your quality of life will be terrible. Sorry to be blunt but sometimes there is no other way. The truth is the truth.

So today write out a list and take charge of you by setting some goals and then making time to train, prepare meals or even get a good sleep instead of watching the bullshit info-commercials. If you’re up that late then I can guarantee you that your blood sugar will be all over the place and you will be reaching for the first snack packed full of sugar, saturated fats and sodium and more than likely need a ab-roller.

Eliminate things that consume your nothing time, in other words things that have no reason to be there and I will give you this guarantee

1. You will have more energy

2. You will live a better quality of life with less health issues

3. You will be stronger, fitter and leaner

4. You will have more confidence

5. You will have a new body

So what are you waiting for, get shit done!


Jeffrey Morgan

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