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Now if you read the heading you’re probably thinking what type of workout is this but it is more to do with your mindset that the challenge revolves around.

You see many people including myself go through the 30 second challenge on a daily basis whether it be in regards to working out, making the right choices specific to your goals when eating or even whether to go to the movies with friend’s. I have broken it down and called it the 30 SECOND CHALLENGE.

I’ll tell you why, whenever let’s say for an example your alarm goes off for you to go to work and you haven’t had a proper sleep for the next 30 seconds you’re in a battle to motivate yourself to get out of bed and into the shower and hopefully followed by some breakfast to kick start your metabolism and give you the fuel needed for the start to your glorious day. Now you can do 2 things, you can stay in bed and either run late or call in sick OR you can choose to get up and do what is necessary to pay your bills. Most people will get up to pay their bills, agreed? So here is where the point starts, If you want something bad enough then you’ll do whatever it takes to get it done! If you’re not to fussed then you will still achieve your goals if you’re consistent but you have to understand and not be disappointed that it will take a longer period of time. Once again the choice is yours.

Think about not eating right throughout the day, your blood sugar levels are having a little disco in the bloodstream and your mind is in that constant battle between good cop and bad cop, sorry to all police officer. It’s only an analogue but you know the signs when good cop tells you “Eat clean, live healthy” and bad cop is in your other ear saying “Mmmmm that Strawberries cheesecake with extra cream on top has your name on it”.  This is the 30 SECOND CHALLENGE! Now you could through developed behavioural patterns give in and eat the cake at the first opportunity as the pattern always usually occurs or you can replace that pattern with something else whenever you hit that trigger point. Trigger points may be boredom, stress at work or in a relationship or even life in general, the kids driving you mad, an essay or even going to a movie and being left with no other alternative to dinner but M & M’s with choc top’s, Ouch special delivery for yourself straight to your waist and hips, please sign here.

I hear it all the time as a trainer that “Oh my kid’s stressed me out so I ate the tub of ice cream”. We need to change that 30 SECOND CHALLENGE with something new every time we’re stressed with a new behaviour and once again the choice is yours.

A good way to think about it is if you want to tone your legs up and the kids stress you out go and do 3 sets of 20 body weight squats followed by 3 sets of 20 on each leg lunges to replace the old behavioural eating patterns. You win both ways by toning your legs up but also by creating a new behaviour that will long term mean a better quality of life. The same applies to training.

Have you ever gone to work with the intention to train after work but as the day rolls on you start to become less motivated and all you’re thinking about is going home and “Plonking” on the lounge? It’s a 30 second thought process that if not challenged will see you at home watching your favourite TV show instead of a scheduled workout.

I can guarantee you when you get in the mode of what is there to eat in the pantry and you choose the right option even though your brain was telling you to eat the double choc biscuits you will forget you even had that thought once you commit to eating the healthier choice. It’s that 30 SECOND CHALLENGE that will make the difference over a period of time.

I’ve had the doubts but by identifying and acknowledging my behavioural patterns as not being the choices that will assist in my goals I have now re-wired my brain to success. Write down the roadblocks that stop you from moving forward every time you confront a 30 SECOND CHALLENGE and before you know it you will be able to identify what is holding you back whether it be to do with training, eating towards a healthier lifestyle or even in your life in general. Remember everything relates to our phycology, so just as I have written the 30 SECOND CHALLENGE throughout this in CAPS lettering to lock it in your memory do something that will allow you to lock things into your memory that are geared more towards your goals.

Happy keepings everyone, best wishes!

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