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A common thing that tends to be more prevalent with people achieving their goals is the time they spend on recovery, what’s that you say?

You see it’s a common perception that by exercising for 4 hours a day and eating food that wouldn’t even fit into our hand that we will lose tonnes of weight and I have to say you may BUT at what cost is my question to you. You see you may lose weight but these are the associated issues that will arise from this format of training and lifestyle and I can guarantee you this through years of experience.

The following is an extensive list of reasons why you shouldn’t attempt to lose weight without adequate recovery which I will post up at the end of this blog.

The list is as follows –

1. You will break down muscle which slows down your metabolism making it harder to lose weight and burn body fat

2. You will damage your metabolism meaning you will again find it harder to achieve your goals

3. You will not be sleeping properly which will leave you demotivated, lacking energy and definitely reaching for the cupboard for the first delicious mid section widening option and that’s a guarantee as lack of sleep will affect your Leptin and Ghrelin which both regulate your appetite levels and will have a direct link to your potential weight/fat loss potential.

4. You WILL BURN OUT!!! Picture me screaming this and remember I said so because although everyone man and their dog starts with enthusiasm at some point you cannot sustain high intensity workouts without adequate recovery. I mean imagine the Olympians that run the 400 metre Final and then asking them to repeat it 10 times at that pace. I’m tipping by the 10th time at that pace I am going to have a chance of beating them and that should not be even a possibility but if they were to rest a day and race me once a day at full pace over that distance I am tipping that I am going to eat some dirt. So you feeling my drift or should that be their drift, hahaha

5. Your work, relationship and lifestyle will suffer. Think back to a point in your life when you had a heap of bills come at once then some other situation come up that caused even more stress at the time follow by more and more stressful situations, how did you feel? Now relate that to trying to juggle what I call “LIFE’S BACKPACK” with situations that need solving mixed in with utter fatigue, lack of sleep and poor nutrition to match adding to that high intensity workouts.

Can you imagine your functionality abilities at this level? If you can’t then let me describe what you would feel like, Agitated, stressed, irritable at the little things, tired, anxious and overwhelmed just to name a few and I have even touched on how you would be when dealing things that have not gone your way.

The point is everything including performance go down and if your performance goes down training then so does the results and what were we training for again? You have goals and expect results which means we need optimum performance out of our body

6. Your body will be a confused mess meaning your metabolism will be all over the place, lacking the performance you need to obtain results, Your results will start to go backwards due to fatigue and overtraining as you try to catch up to the results you didn’t get from the week before and this only leads to burn out. See how everything is linked in?

Think about a car and how it needs fuel to run, a service to run efficiently or a wash to look nice our bodies are exactly the same and require looking after. Have you ever seen a car that has not been washed for ages? Not nice right? so that’s what we would do internally by not looking after our bodies and more importantly what we put into our body and that leads to the next point

7. Your attempts to eat clean will be thwarted stopping all progress towards fat loss. I’m not telling you to do this but if you ever stay up late, or better still imagine when you have stayed up late and get hungry would you go and make a tuna salad at 1am in the morning? Most people won’t as they couldn’t be bothered so they reach for the nicest sugary or savoury thing in the fridge or pantry and most of the time that will only affect your mid section.

So looking at these ultimately we have a tips list but let me summarize it for you like this by saying if you stay up late more than likely you will eat foods that have a higher concentration of sugar, saturated fats or sodium which has a direct relation to your body fat percentages meaning you will run at a sub par level stalling results which leads to frustration which leads to stopping exercise, ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Then when you get motivated again you repeat the cycle, now imagine me bashing my head against the wall OUCH! but seriously these patterns will not change unless you change for as the saying goes “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got! and this case it will be NOTHING!!!!

So tips to aid your recovery after tough intense exercise whether it be resistance or cardiovascular exercise are as follows

1. Protein source with the right carbs and good fats within 40 minutes of training to re-fuel the body

2. Plenty of fluid, as in water (You can drop a lemon or lime into the water to flavour it and alkalize your body at the same time) to keep you hydrated and allow chemical processes such as fat burning to occur

3. Sleep 8 hours a day and that means some days setting an alarm to give you the required 8 hours to grow muscle or recover ready to launch into your next workout

4. Elevate stress as it will kill you mentally & emotionally and drag your spirit down and if you’re flat & grumpy it’ll roll through into your life. If you can fix a problem then take the steps and fix it and if you can’t then just let it go! It’s that simple and sometimes people will judge you because you may seem distant but what can you do about something you can’t change. If you are on a plane going on holiday’s to Santorini in Greece and you’re wishing you were going to Bora Bora then you will only spoil your current predicament and that’s how I view things. Worry about what you can change and forget what you can’t

5. Eat clean foods that have a low sugar, saturated fat and sodium content and I guarantee you that you will recovery better feeling energized and invigorated.


6 Eat regular meals all day. You can’t drive a car all day around your town and include 1 hour of foot to the pedal acceleration for 1 hour (Your workout) and not expect to run out of petrol by the end of the day and I’m talking Ferrari not Prius when I use this analogue. Small regular meals will fuel your body to effective burn fat but more importantly allow you to recover

7. You will build muscle which speeds up your metabolism, gives you confidence and some nice muscle tone/definition and ladies please do not fear weights as they will not make you big.

8. The most important tip is this, YOU WILL SUSTAIN YOUR TRAINING which means you WILL achieve the RESULTS you want!!!!

Best wishes Jeffrey Morgan

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