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One of the keys to any successful transformation will always be the reduction of sugars. I’m not saying that all carbohydrates are bad and we should eliminate them because that would be silly. We need carbohydrates to aid recovery, build muscle and provide energy just to name a few of the important uses of carbohydrates.

So we now have the revolution of low-carb diets meaning people are literally reducing their carb intake to a minimal level, each to their own and yeah it works but at what cost? I’m sure we will and are starting to find out in the near future. As I have said recently “If you feel that the DIET that you choose to follow is sustainable for the rest of your life” then this is for you because in the end it’s a free world and people can choose to eat what they like when they like.

Sometimes diet simply means the food you intake rather than restricting your foods so be sure not to confuse me saying DIET that I want you to eat food the size of a coin in whatever country you’re in but more that food you eat in a day or week, you feeling me?

Back to the subject at hand regarding sugars, you see food companies are smart and know that they can disguise foods to represent a healthy food knowing full well that underneath the packet or product lies a load of sugar.

I know you’ve seen it in your local supermarket “FAT FREE” or “HEALTHY JUICE” labelling making you believe that when you eat these foods will not be an issue with your body fat, BEEEEEEPPPPP!!!!! Wrong! Yep that’s me screaming because unless we’re educated we look at the products and think great I’m eating healthy and if you’re exercising but putting on weight you become confused because you know you’re eating healthy right? and doing your recommended exercise so why am I not losing weight or more importantly body fat. This is the question on your lips now? even more so than sugar, hahaha or such should be the case if you would like to reduce your waist line.

You see under ingredients labelling of foods you’re permitted to label the ingredients so they fall under one name. So for example if you had an apple, banana and orange in the one food product you could simply label this FRUIT.

Which now takes me to SUGARS which get hidden in products under different names, yes they’re living amongst us and cause some serious damage to our health. Have you seen them out and about under the aliases such as sucrose, dextrose, maltodextrin, syrup, brown, raw, icing, castor, invert, cane, caramel, honey, saccharose, corn syrup, molasses, lactose, maltose, galactose, dextrose as a matter of fact it’s a Tose-a-thon and it all ends in one thing, increasing your body fat. This is just a snippet of the many.

There are over 200 different sugars all labelled under different names other than sugar and that’s why it’s so hard for people to maximize their weight loss/body fat potential. The best way to track your sugars is by using FOODSWITCH to track and monitor your sugars, this is part of my system to help complete the successful transformations you see in this blog. Email me @ if you would like to understand the systems through the online program.

Now I can hear some people say oh but you need some sugars and I am all for carbohydrates just at the right time to provide you with the energy needed to get through your day but adding sugar to your foods and coffee is a sure way to stall your transformation. Utilise natural sugars food in fruits as a little treat whilst also getting some vitamins and minerals from the right sources. This way you’ll maximize your transformation, this is a guarantee, Sugar and obesity go hand in hand.

When you purchase most food items they contain sugar including fresh foods but it’s a matter of defining what has been added or what was there in the first place then and only then will you master your transformation.

Best of luck and remember if it tastes to sweet but apparently has NO SUGAR then I can guarantee that somewhere in that package, food or drink there is a hidden sugar. Sweet on the lips usually lasts a lifetime on the hips, your choice as it’s a free world but don’t then complain when the effects of your food choices take place.

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