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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


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“I haven't enjoyed training this much in years!”

"I had been going to the gym for approx 3mths and getting no actual results, I first met Jeffrey Morgan in December 2010 and he became my Personal Trainer from that day he has changed my life forever. I was over weight and feeling bad about myself, having put the weight on slowly over the past 10 years, I was not happy within myself and feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. When I turned 50, I realised I needed to do something now not later. I told Jeff I had a goal which I wanted to reach by March and that was “my daughters wedding”.

From the first week I was training twice a week with Jeff. Jeff put me straight onto an eating plan and was monitoring my weight and measurements along the way. I achieved fantastic results I was able to feel fantastic for my daughters wedding, and I owe that allto Jeff. I have continued training with Jeff and I have been successful in losing approx 13 kilos and dropping from a size 16 pants to a size 10 thanks to Jeff’s combination of eating plan and exercise program. My fitness level has increased.

Jeff is a great trainer to have because “he lives the life” and is very compassionate and dedicated to helping you reach your goals. He is also great at encouraging you to keep going when things take you off track at times. I can thoroughly recommend Jeffrey Morgan if you are serious about weight loss and body toning.

Jenny Augustus Age: 50."

- Employment officer (Age 50), Jenny

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(If you follow my systems and don't get the results you want I will give your money back - This is tracked through daily log ins through the app to keep you accountable)

*Please ensure when you purchase you are certain about what you want to achieve as there are NO REFUNDS, Thank you.

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