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Jeffrey Morgan - All Stars Personal Trainer


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“I came to Jeff having to lose 15kgs in 5 weeks as I prepared for my MMA fight. ”

Before meeting Jeff I was preparing for a fight (MMA). During a massage I was discussing my concerns as I was well behind schedule as the Personal Trainer & Dietician I had were not producing the results that I needed. This is when the massage therapist then mentioned Jeff's name and orgainsed a session.

Jeff was very professional from the very start and during the first Personal Training session I knew that Jeff was different. His training style was specific to my goals and sport. As I had little time he explained that we would have to train hard from the start to achieve my goals and was like this all the time that I trained with. He always told me what to expect, how hard it would be, how I would feel etc making it easy because I knew what to expect.

As hard as the training was he was always encouraging me giving faith to complete even the hardest of exercises. Every session was different meaning I was never bored, I increased my strength, muscle tone and endurance even though I was losing weight at the same time. Jeff's training style is totally different to other Personal Trainer's I have had. He had me training under fatigue to prepare me for fight conditions which gave me so much confidence because it was all related to my goals.

After training with Jeff I would never go to another Personal Trainer as Jeff trained me like I had never trained before to the point where my family & friends commented on how ripped and well I looked after only 5 weeks together. Jeff's professionalism in everything he does including his training programs through to his shopping lists can not praised enough. You have to experience it yourself to understand what I am talking about. Jeff cares about results rather than the money.

Mate, You're in a league of your own!
- MMA Fighter, Andy

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