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Jeffrey Morgan - Personal Trainer


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Anita Manna

“Jeffrey has improved my quality of life”

My name is Anita (47 years old). I have been training with Jeffrey now for 12 months. When I started I had a lot of health issues which Jeffrey has helped me immensly with and has been a true inspiration.

I have had CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for the last 20 years, IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome), digestive problems and multiple sensitivities. I also have hormonal imbalances, thyroid & adrenal dysfunction, scoliosis, lower back and knee problems. So as you can see I was a walking timebomb.

My sessions with Jeffrey have been very rewarding & beneficial in geting back my quality of life. It has helped me get back my strength which has allowed me to complete everyday tasks that others take for granted easy such as closing windows or pulling a supermarket trolley along and for that I am grateful. Other tasks that would leave me in pain have been fixed too due to training with Jeffrey. I can now do most activities virtually pain free.

Jeffrey is a very caring and extremely intuitive person who tailors the sessions to my needs and conditions. So if I'm having a bad day he may start out with some light exercises then stretches until I pick up and then we pick the pace of the session up which leaves me with more energy after each workout.

Anyone who has health problems I would highly recommend Jeffrey as a Personal Trainer as he has improved my quality of life so much. He also gives you positive feedback and I love his daily tips.

Anyone who suffers from CFS needs a trainer like Jeff who understands, motivates and varies the training unlike a trainer I had before who pushed me so hard with CFS and was not listened or looking for any signs. It took me many years to build up the courage to train again and thanks to Jeff's experience and guidance I am now going to the gym by myself.

Thanks Jeff


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