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70 years of age and still dropped 20kgs at my peak
“70 years of age and still dropped 20kgs at my peak”
“My name is George and I have been a client of All Stars Personal Training services under the supervision of Jeffrey Morgan since the first of December 2010.

In this amount of time, 9 months in total Jeff has nurtured me in to my present physical condition with 100% advice of how to exercise properly, diet and achieving my objectives. ”
- George
I lost 71kgs and I can now play with my grandkids
“I lost 71kgs and I can now play with my grandkids”
“Rather than just jump in and get anyone I asked around at the gym and watched the trainers work out with their clients. I wanted a trainer who would encorage me and push me to achieve results.

I then approached the trainer I thought would be best for me. This is where Jeff came on the scene.
- Sharon
I haven't enjoyed training this much in years!
“I haven't enjoyed training this much in years!”
“I had been going to the gym for approx 3mths and getting no actual results, I first met Jeffrey Morgan in December 2010 and he became my Personal Trainer from that day he has changed my life forever.

I was over weight and feeling bad about myself, having put the weight on slowly over the past 10 years, I was not happy within myself and feeling uncomfortable in my clothes. When I turned 50, I realised I needed to do something now not later.

I told Jeff I had a goal which I wanted to reach by March and that was my daughters wedding.”
- Jenny
87.7kgs later, I'm a new person!
“87.7kgs later, I'm a new person!”
“I have lost over 100cm's across my whole body and my body fat has dropped down to 11% from 48%. Jeff has changed my life forever.

Making the first steps to get into the gym were the hardest but Jeff has made every step worth the while. I would recommend Jeff to anyone. He is a Personal Trainer in the true sense, living the life he educates you about. Every session is different, challenging and rewarding. I guarantee you that you will not be dissapointed if you have Jeff as your trainer.”
- Ross
Weight loss to date - 50kgs!! Best motivator anyone can ask for
“Weight loss to date - 50kgs!! Best motivator anyone can ask for”
“He's awesome! My body shape has changed. My weight has dropped 50kgs. My fat percentage has dropped 25%. What more can I ask for?

He really helped me even when I felt like giving up cause I was tired. He made me see that I had goals. Focus and I will achieve. That YOU CAN DO IT. Well I did. ”
- Carmen
I Lost 14% Bodyfat, 33cm and 7kgs in 10 Weeks!
“I Lost 14% Bodyfat, 33cm and 7kgs in 10 Weeks!”
“Working as a real estate I was always on the go meaning my eating habits were terrible and training habits were not much better.

A friend who was actually training with another trainer at the gym Jeff worked at referred me based on what she had seen with the amazing results Jeff had achieved with other client's.

The fact that she recommended Jeff over her own trainer spoke volumes of Jeff.

I only did the 10 sessions with Jeff as I was going overseas and my goal was to lose my stomach and build a little muscle along the way just to feel fit & strong for my holiday.

The training was hard but tailored to my fitness level leaving me feeling stronger after each session.

I have to say that I was amazed that my stomach went away so quickly learning how to eat on the run, thanks to Jeff, and sending me on holiday feeling confident within my own body.

I didn't think I could achieve what I did so I didn't give it 100% and thought to myself at the end of the 10 weeks if I had been totally committed than the results would've been far greater than they had been.

My advice to anyone is if you are thinking about hiring a trainer then look no further if you have read this because the bloke is INSPIRING!

Seriously he lives the lifestyle and truly motivates you to your goals based around your lifestyle.

On a personal note I want to say thanks for sending me away beyond what I had thought I could achieve with the results I had, Superstar!!!!”
- Gareth
You're my hero Jeff
“You're my hero Jeff”
“It was when he wrote "I have trained people for over 20 years changing thousands of people lives" that I decided to give it a chance.

After our consultation session I felt I had found a 'decent' trainer because Jeff was knowledgeable about health and exercise. After our first training session I knew he was a GREAT trainer.”
- Maria
Jeff truly transformed my life
“Jeff truly transformed my life”
“I have been a client of All Stars Personal Training I have gone from 91kgs to 73-74kgs.

I've learnt so many things I didn't realise existed and my diet has completely changed. Before I was a client, I only believed you could lose weight by cardio.... I had no idea what weights could do for you! ”
- Sheyleigh
Wedding day bliss
“Wedding day bliss”
“He listens to you and your body and adapts programs to suit you and what you want. Want a trainer? Someone to have fun with and conquer those goals. Jeffrey Morgan is your man!”
- Lucy
5kgs of muscle in 10 weeks!!!
“5kgs of muscle in 10 weeks!!!”
“I never considered hiring a Personal Trainer until I seen how Jeff was training his client's but also the results they got from him blew not only myself away but many others at the gym.

I decided to take up training with Jeff and within a short period of time had put on some serious muscle, around 5kgs and dropped my body fat to the point I was starting to see my abs for the first time.

The best thing was he told me if I followed his systems what would happen and everything he said would happen most certainly did.

I now feel more confident with my body not to mention I now understand how to eat based around my goals and for that I highly recommend Jeff's skills.

- Adam
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