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Jeffrey Morgan - Nutritionist (LIFESTYLE PROGRAM)


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Sydney Premier league leading goalkicker 2013
“Sydney Premier league leading goalkicker 2013”
“The biggest thing was Jeff didnt treat me as a client because my goals were his goals so he took it just as serious as I did. I have now lost 13 kilos and packed full of energy and feel great . .”
- Rory
Penrith district Junior representative captain
“Penrith district Junior representative captain”
“I started off at around 15% body fat and currently sitting at 9.6% and continually improving.

I am so much stronger, fitter and over all healthier due to Jeff's training, his daily tips and advice, personally catered eating and resistence programs show his commitment to your goals and his sessions are always challenging and of high intensity, which push me to new levels”
- Sam
I feel healthier and fitter than I have for years
“I feel healthier and fitter than I have for years”
“Jeff you are a great trainer and so patient with me when I am at times so uncoordinated. I just love how you are so professional and caring and inspire me to greater things and for that I thank you”
- Lyn
Jeff has a very professional approach and always explain what benefits the particular exercise has
“Jeff has a very professional approach and always explain what benefits the particular exercise has”
“You have a very professional approach and always explain what benefits the particular exercise has.

Although I am handicapped by osteoarthritis in the elbow which frustrates me, I still enjoy the time I spend working out with you and the benefits it brings to me.
- Don
Going to Lowes and settling for a size 46 pants was my wake up call
“Going to Lowes and settling for a size 46 pants was my wake up call”
“In January 2011 I was going to my cousins wedding and had to go and get new suit pants, walking into multiple shops I couldn't get a pair to fit, I ended up going to 'lowes' and settling for a size 46 pants. It was my wake up call.
- Corey Jasiak
Jeffrey has improved my quality of life
“Jeffrey has improved my quality of life”
“Anyone who suffers from Chronic Fatigue syndrome it is important to have a reliable trainer who understands you and your limitations.

When I first spoke to Jeffrey in the gym he was so kind with his advice and I thought he could help me as I have had ongoing health problems.

I didn't need to lose weight or anything but wanted to get strong and not struggle carrying my shopping as an example.

I use to get tired walking up the stairs at the train station, always be sick and constantly buying medication.

I was really nervous when I first started because the last trainer I had made me work too hard and with the Chronic Fatigue I became drained all the time and I end up going back to hospital so I was really scared until after the first session.

Jeffrey & I started out slowly and each session we improved my strength and I started to feel better and within 3 months I started to stop some of my medication which I was really happy about.

By 6 months I had stopped all my medication and I was feeling the best I had in years. I could shut the window which I couldn't do without straining before and walking up the stairs was a breeze.

I seriously had too many health issues to name but with Jeffrey's help I now feel like I have a new zest on life. I wake up happy without any pain in my back, medication to take and best of all feeling like a new person.

I cannot thank Jeffrey enough for his help, friendship and education. I am truly blessed to have crossed paths because I think if I hadn't I would never have trained again in my life.

So THANK YOU Jeffrey for my new life.”
- Anita Manna
Dropped 4% Body fat
“Dropped 4% Body fat”
“Chris dropped 4% body fat and put on 3kgs of muscle.
This ultimately allowed Chris to see his 6 pack for the first time. Lean and mean Summer body!”
- Chris
Lost 7kgs before a holiday
“Lost 7kgs before a holiday”
“I lost 12.2% body fat and 29cm across the whole body.

I did this in 12 weeks when my only intention was to get my Back injury right, exceeded all my expectatons!”
- Christine
Lost l4kgs
“Lost l4kgs”
“Dropping 8% whilst losing 14kgs all whilst nursing a back Injury. Dave loved his boxing and the results show and only started to lose weight through only the boxing session and eating clean.
Machine Dave!”
- Dave
Lost 5kgs & 4 body fat
“Lost 5kgs & 4 body fat”
“Faith achieve her goal weight and look by following the ASPT training and eatin plans.

The plans allowed Faith to get back into athletics again and compete at a high level in Qld through the online program

Trimming down ready for Summer
Are you the next transformation?”
- Faith
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