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Jeffrey Morgan - Nutritionist (LIFESTYLE PROGRAM)


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Lost 7kgs in 10 weeks!!!
“Lost 7kgs in 10 weeks!!!”
“Glen lost 7kgs and stripped away 6% body fat whilst also stacking on 3kgs of muscle in only 10 outdoor sessions.

A lot of hard work went into Grant's training and his commitment to clean eating.”
- Glen
Lost l2kgs, 15% body fat after 2 babies!
“Lost l2kgs, 15% body fat after 2 babies!”
“Amazing results from a gun trainer who after having numerous previous trainers blew me away with his training methods, systematic approach and educational background.

The man is a legend and I know he will end up famous within the fitness industry not to mention is a machine himself, great example of a Personal Trainer!

Lost 12kgs, 15% body fat and over 32cm across her whole body. Great effort after 2 babies, show there is no excuses.

Respect Kristy!”
- Kristy
Dropped 4% Body fat
“Dropped 4% Body fat”
“Phil dropped 5% body fat revealing his abs whilst gaining 2kgs of muscle to see more tone. Hard gainer meant it was too much harder, dedication plus!”
- Phil
'lost over 20% body fat
“'lost over 20% body fat”
“Jessica has created a healthy lifestyle whilst strengthening her body, losing 60cm across her body and going from a non runner to someone who loves running”
- Jessica
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(If you follow my systems and don't get the results you want I will give your money back - This is tracked through daily log ins through the app to keep you accountable)

*Please ensure when you purchase you are certain about what you want to achieve as there are NO REFUNDS, Thank you.

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